Available courses

Programming 11

Exploring Computer Science

A course on Digital Photography
ICT 10 teaches students about the production and editing of video.  Students also learn how to create special effects.

Info Tech 8

Java Programming

Developed for ETEC 510.  Teachers Marianne Murray, John Thomson and Joe Galat

Digital Media Development ICTM

Planning 10

Religion 12


Mr. LeBlanc.

Mr. LeBlanc's English 9 classes - B and C blocks

Science 10
Biology 11

This course focuses on the development of the Roman Catholic Church over the approximately past 2000 years.  This history includes much of the history of Western Civilization with all its trials and brutality…its victories and compassion…its persecutions and perseverance.  We will see that the Church (and its people) is on a pilgrimage and will continue to develop in its relationship with Christ and the world.  We will see that the Church continues to be a beacon of light in an often irrational and confused world.

This course is intended to synthesize students’ past courses in Christian Education and help students develop a more mature understanding of how what they have learned will impact their lives as they prepare to leave Secondary School. The course is designed to help students to develop a more adult faith life and a more adult understanding of the Catholic Faith.  The main goals of this course as prescribed by CISVA are to:

1)      Provide opportunities for students to further their personal relationship with God,

2)      Provide opportunities for students to become people of prayer

3)      Assist students in developing an adult understanding and experience of faith

4)      Assist students in developing an identity with the Church

5)      Enable students to be Christian witnesses in the world and respond intelligently and accurately to challenges to the Catholic faith

Social Studies 8

Social Studies 10

PE 11 12

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Math 11 - Pre Calc

Math 8

French 10
French 9

Environment Club

This is a short discussion on the practice of Fish Farming on BC's Coastal Waters.